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Lasix Information

Lasix or generically known as furosemide is a drug belonging to the drugs called diuretics. Diuretics or water pills are drugs that decrease the amount of fluids in the body by increasing the amounts of salt and water excreted in the urine.

Lasix is indicated for patients who have are retaining unhealthy and dangerous amounts of fluids in the body that result to swelling. Among the patients with these kind of medical problem are those with congestive heart failures, livers disease and renal or kidney diseases.

Lasix may also be indicated for purposes other than what is in this medicine guide.

Lasix should be taken according to the prescription of your doctor. Never take Lasix without fully understanding the instructions of your doctor. If your doctor's prescription is unclear to you, ask help from a medical authority such as nurse or pharmacist to verify the doctor's instructions for you.

A full glass of water should be used to down Lasix into your stomach.

As Lasix promotes excretion of fluids through the urine, it is advised that you take Lasix earlier in the day to reduce nighttime urination unless otherwise prescribed by your doctor.

Take Lasix regularly to greatly benefit from the effects of the drug

Never abruptly stop taking Lasix. Abrupt cessation of the medication could only make your condition worse. Termination of this medication should be under a doctor's supervision.

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